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Chef KJ is a highly accomplished culinary artist with over 35 years of experience in the vibrant world of both Western and Caribbean cuisine. Born and raised in Jackshill, Jamaica, KJ developed an early passion for the rich and diverse flavors that define Caribbean cooking.

With a career that spans continents and cultures, Chef KJ has mastered the art of infusing traditional Caribbean ingredients with contemporary techniques, resulting in a culinary style that is both authentic and innovative. Drawing inspiration from cooking in the country side in Jamaica and as a head chef in a commercial kitchen, Chef KJ has consistently pushed the boundaries of Caribbean gastronomy.

At Island Queens, our mission is to redefine and enhance the culinary landscape by creating an immersive dining experience that tantalizes the senses, challenges traditions, and fosters a profound connection between food, culture and community.


We pride ourselves on the art of infusion and strive to be a pillar in the industry while leaving a lasting impression on every guest, company and organization.

Meet the Team

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